Greek Islands Scooter Rally – 7 Months away

Thu, Oct 29, 2009


I’m posting this now so you’ll have plenty of time to think about it (and book tickets). If the idea of scooting with a bunch of great people in the beautiful Greek Isles with fabulous architecture and wonderful food sounds at all alluring then you should make plans for May 24th, 2010.

Check out the ScoterGiro Cyclades website for rally, lodging and rental information.

Be sure to book your scooter early! You don’t wanna end up riding like the Greek god of wine do you? Sounds romantic, but it’s not.

Thanks for the invite Al! I hope I can make it some day! More images of last year’s even can be found on Maria’s collages are especially enticing. Oh, you can also visit Modern Vespa for a great little write up on this year’s event.


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  1. Hackett Says:

    Or for those who can't make the trip, there's still Amerivespa in San Antonio on the 27th through the 31st.


  2. ScooterScoop Says:



  3. Anna Says:

    Hi, That sounds like fun! And, I think I would really like to talk about providing the Aussie contingency with Scooter Seat Covers, coz it will be a bit chilly on thee derrière…please email me if your interested…Anna Coleman


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