EICMA 2009 Redux

Thu, Dec 3, 2009


Did you miss the EICMA 2009 Show? Well, you can simulate the experience by grabbin’ an ice cold Peroni and taking in all the great shots captured by the guys at Adrenalin-Pedstop, the best scooter shop in South Yorkshire, England.  There’s 112 images in total and I’d like to know what you thought about some of the scoots, especially the new Lambretta Pato.  I like the Piaggio USB better with a both babe on it… for, um… reference of course.  It was hard to tell the scooter’s size without a reference.

If you want to see the slide show even BIGGER go HERE>

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4 Responses to “EICMA 2009 Redux”

  1. MissScooter Says:

    I know some people who were lucky enough to go to EICMA this year. I was totally green with envy! Thanks for the pictures.


  2. Jeffraham Prestonian Says:

    Only two Kymcos… and neither one of 'em the People GT 300i? A travesty, I tells ya!


  3. Orin Says:

    I must say I'm quite smitten by the Pato Lambretta, though I'm not holding my breath about actually seeing it go on sale in the U.S. Which is too bad, because it's very nicely done, and could probably sell very well at a reasonable price.

    Peugeot makes some really nice scooters. Too bad they don't think the U.S. market is worth bothering with.

    There were a couple other white ones that looked nice, but whoever put the slideshow together neglected to identify them. Those would probably go over better in the U.S. market than the sportbike-styled scooters (see TGB).

    Scootin' Old Skool


  4. TeaTeaMan Says:

    The Lambretta Pato 125N, at EICMA '09, looks real nice. Would you put some of its pics in the Lambrettas list.



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