Vespa’s got 900 reasons to buy a new 150cc scooter

Thu, Dec 3, 2009


(Just got a new press release on behalf of Vespa USA.  Let’s see what we’ve got here.  I’ve interjected a bit, but I think the message is still retained).

Vespa USA’s new Hello Beautiful campaign outfits a brand-new Vespa LX 150, S 150 or LXV 150 with season-exclusive goodies that not only saves buyers $500 off the MSRP, but adds benefits designed for peace of mind and healthy living for a total savings of over $900.  (I’m not sure what “season-exclusive goodies” are, but I hope it’s not candy cane grips.  A Christmas tree scented seat would be alright though.)

From now through February 28, 2010, consumers who add one of these three most popular Vespa scooter models to their shopping lists will not only keep more cash on hand for other winter necessities but they can also take home a great product that’s as fun to keep as it is to regift (please… if someone’s giving me a Vespa S, it is NOT getting regifted.)  In addition to the instant $500 purchase price savings, buyers also receive a free two-year extended warranty (a $350 value) (is that for a total of 3 years?) and a copy of EA SPORTS Active™, the #1 rated interactive fitness product for the Wii, to help keep bodies in tip top shape year-round (*wishes it came with a Vespa branded Wii*).  Whether a longtime two-wheel enthusiast, first-time buyer or fitness fan, the Hello Beautiful offer is a unique opportunity to join the vibrant Vespa community (um… oh kaaay…  I guess you could call my beer swillin’, nude ridin’  friends that decoupage their old Vespas in a porn motif “vibrant”.)

A Vespa really is the gift that will keep on giving 365 days a year – whether you keep it in your own garage or wrap it up for someone else.  Owning a Vespa is a bit like investing in a piggy bank -  the savings just keep adding up (well… except, if you need some cash for Tacobell, you can’t just crack open your Vespa for the loot).  Swap out just one of your (crappy old) cars for a Vespa and you could save an average of $6000 a year.  Score Italian style points that never go out of fashion (and cost less than most designer clothes).  Save time – one of our most precious commodities – by using your Vespa around town or commuting.  Bank fuel savings – some Vespas can get up to 100mpg and with an average gas tank of 2.3 gallons, that’s a lot of miles before you have to fill-up at the pump.  Take up less space thanks to Vespa’s compact body style, and take the stress out of finding a parking space.  And, because a Vespa produces 72% less CO2 than the average car, you’re not only having fun, you’re more environmentally friendly (than an M1 Abrams).

For more information on the Hello Beautiful offer, log onto to locate a Vespa dealer and find more details about the Hello Beautiful offer.  (It’s a great place to find info on the Hello Beautiful offer).

For more information on EA SPORTS Active™ (which has nothing to do with scooters) visit


3 Responses to “Vespa’s got 900 reasons to buy a new 150cc scooter”

  1. Adam Says:

    Yep…they're trying to get 'em out the door before the fuel-injected 150s begin to arrive.


  2. Leo Urbis Says:

    Thanks Steve, you made my morning!



  3. Steve Says:

    Hey Adam! Do you have any opinions around fuel injector versus carburetor? From what I understand, some of the benefits are cleaner burning, better efficiency and easier to start… BUT I also hear they are a lot more complicated to work on.

    Leo! Glad it's so. I feel bad for PR firms sometimes. I don't mean to be a boor. I know they have tight deadlines and have to become an "expert" in a short period of time… but if I were in their shoes, I'd pay an expert to read it over a couple of times before I fired it off. *glances at Brandware PR out of corner of eye*


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