4-Passenger Family Vespa

Sun, Dec 27, 2009

Custom, Scooter

(Stylish two-wheeled transportation for a family of four!  SOURCE:  motoring.co.za)

 Yes, we all know the economy isn’t what it used to be here in the good ol’ USA.  American families may find themselves resorting to transportation options normally reserved for countries where cars are not affordable… Like THIS, the Vespa GT4 400!  No, no, no I’m kidding, it’s only a 300.  :-P   (In an alternate universe.)

But in reality, this is just a marketing toy built under the direction of Vespa South Africa’s marketing director Andy Reid.  Reid was the guy who came up with the idea to place fake parking tickets on legally parked cars for driving difficult-to-park, fuel-guzzling motor vehicles instead of scooters.

I thought it was an abomination the first time I looked at it, but the more I gawk, the more I want to give it a spin.

Thanks to Ilya for the scoop!

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7 Responses to “4-Passenger Family Vespa”

  1. Scooter Dude Says:

    Wow, that would be a hoot to have out on New Year's Eve…a Vespa Limo or sorts.


  2. Mindy 'June' Says:

    that would probably scare me if I was driving it. I sometimes have issues riding mine with people on the back because they are idiots and move too much

    I love it though!!!


  3. Jim Says:

    A Vesuveee!


  4. scooter Says:

    mmm… not enough, I need one with 4 seats! :)


  5. Casey Cook Says:

    Just needs a roof like the C1!


  6. Anonymous Says:



  7. Vaughan Says:

    Wow, I'be seen pics of a whole Vietnamese of 6 on one scooter, just think how many they could get on this thing!


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