Wanna make your own Chinese scooter? So did Chris

Mon, Jan 11, 2010

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(“這裡是我們安裝燈泡爆炸。Image source: Telegraph.co.uk)

At some time in our lives we’ve all thought about it, us people in the scooter industry. The idea starts with, “I bet I could design a GREAT scooter, have it built inexpensively in China, bring it back here and build an empire!” That’s exactly what “Chris” (real name withheld) thought when he took his scooter idea to China.

If, YOU ever had this idea I suggest you read Chris’ tale from start to finish. It’s amazing ANYONE gets something built there at ALL. Yes, there are a very small handful of reputable and reliable Chinese scooter manufacturers but THEY are pretty well booked up with existing relationships. New guys stand a great chance of following in Chris’ footsteps and I bet he’d compare it to a long hike through hell in a pair of magnesium underpants while carrying a water bottle fulla 151.

Please heed Chris’ warning. Next question is, who’s gonna be the first company to completely manufacture scooters in the USA? It’s been 45 years since Cushman did it. I’d LOVE to do the first review! Hint hint, nudge nudge.


11 Responses to “Wanna make your own Chinese scooter? So did Chris”

  1. Jeffraham Prestonian Says:

    I know some guys who approached Cushman with the idea of reviving domestic scooter production. They were completely uninterested.


  2. ScooterScoop Says:

    Dang… and HD doesn't want to resurrect the Topper. Wyse Labs doesn't do motor vehicles only Aerospace and electronics. Salsbury is gone (oh, how I want a Tri-Car.

    We can only peruse the museum and reminisce.


  3. ScooterScoop Says:

    Eh, poop. I misspelled Salisbury. I still want a Tri-Car.


  4. ScooterScoop Says:

    Oh! Did you know Salisbury was a "wholly-owned subsidiary of Northrop Aircraft, Inc."?

    Yeah! Saw it in this article:


  5. Anonymous Says:

    Although it's a chinese motor (I think) California Scooter Company is making a go at building a Mustang copy. Not exactly a scooter, I know, but along the lines of the old Cushmans.


  6. GenWaylaid Says:

    Man, about 80% of the comments in that Telegraph article are pure Chinese whitewashing. Quite a lot of indignation at the "naive foreigner" who expected his Chinese business partners to be, you know, ethical.


  7. Casey Cook Says:

    Sure would be cool if there were at least a limited production made to order scooter loosely based around the Cushman.
    Is there enough interest??
    I wish there was.


  8. Orin Says:

    Folks, nobody's ever going to build scooters in the U.S. because 1)the market it much too small, 2)the cost of producing them here is much too high (especially given what the market has shown people are willing to pay) and 3)because any company that hopes for long-term success selling any kind of motorized 2-wheeler is going to have to devote considerable resources to selling the idea of riding, and nobody seems willing to do that. Or for that matter, to have the resources to do that.

    Of course Cushman isn't interested in reviving their scooter. They sold very few of them back in the day, and consumer products are not what they're about today… they make commercial vehicles.

    Scootin' Old Skool


  9. Casey Cook Says:

    That might be true…but,
    There is more than one "market".
    Not everyone want's the same thing out of a scooter or has the same budget.


  10. smithlara1 Says:

    Hi,Chris i salute your thought.I don,t know how much response u got from automobile industry.But u r the man who can do it.

    Air Intakes


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