R.I.P. GM Hummer 1992 – 2010

Wed, Feb 24, 2010

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R.I.P. GM Hummer 1992 – 2010

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So, the end has finally come for the old Hummer. Yes, THAT Hummer. WHAT HAPPENED?! Where did it all go wrong?! We used to LOVE the Hummer. HECK! Back in 2002 tax payers and oil exporting countries used to SUBSIDIZE the Hummer through a government issued $100,000 tax credit (later reduced to $25,000), yet today GM announces that they are shutting it down all together.  No “making a smaller car”, no “selling the brand to China”; just wiping their hands and walking away.

Isn’t that sad?  I feel a bit like Jon Stewart back on 1/20/09.  But, I actually will miss the brand a bit. Now we’ll never hear any more talk of the Hummer bicycle, scooter, eyewear, heck think of how awesome the the Hummer O2 would have been.  The dream is now over.  Look out FJ Cruiser, you’re next!

(Dang, I should got a Ruckus)

7 Responses to “R.I.P. GM Hummer 1992 – 2010”

  1. Jeffraham Prestonian Says:

    We used to LOVE the Hummer.

    We? I had no idea you were a Republican!


  2. John Says:

    Awe man! I always wanted a obnoxious, overpriced, crappy fuel mileage, school-bus yellow, environmental f*@k all vehicle. Oh well…


  3. Steve Guzman Says:

    Well, by “We” I mean our DC representatives and leaders who made them FREE or heavily discounted for business owners over the course of the last decade.

    I admit, I used to think they were cool back in the early 90′s. My dad was working on Humvee / TOW missile installations at the time. I thought they were GREAT military vehicles, but I could NEVER imagine my mom using one to drive herself to the mall.


    • Jeffraham Prestonian Says:

      It was a li’l bit of a joke, of course (even though it was a Republican Congress that set up that ridiculous tax break for the wealthy and wasteful).

      They may look cool, but at 1/6th the mileage (or less) than my People 250? No thanks.


  4. ripleyradio2.0 Says:

    You think the FJ Cruiser is next? It should of went first. I loved the Idea of a new FJ but. when I tried to get in the back seat (a must for me before I buy) I could not fit in and neither could my anorexic daughter. Weird rear door hinges open on a angel. And even with the seat up there is no room. Sorry I bought a Honda Element instead. Looks ugly on the outside but big as hell on the inside. in the back seat I can cross my legs and not hit the front seat. how many others can claim that!


  5. gomi_otaku Says:

    Awesome, our very own Woody representing the Ruckus on that first picture!!


  6. Lorenzo Says:

    I say good riddance! Sorry for the loss of jobs; but GM has the talent to make more cars that would benefit mankind and hopefully the factory could be retooled and the workers could be retrained to make them.

    Urban Hummers say a lot about what America has gone wrong since their introduction in 1992; now that they’re finished, America bids it farewell to this symbol of wanton excess for good. Besides, these G.I.Joe-wannabe urban Hummers just reek of stand-alone selfishness, unilateralism, ugly-American-ness, and extreme arrogance! Only megalomaniacs and nihilists should be seen in them.

    The real battlefield Humvees serve their purpose; the urban Hummers only inflate individual egos and create terror on our civilized roads.

    Scooters killed Hummers, yeah!_Lorenzo


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