The best Hondas are always the ones you can’t have

Wed, Mar 3, 2010


The best Hondas are always the ones you can’t have

Ever wonder what they were going to do with all that unobtainium they were mining in the movie Avatar? They were rushing it back to Honda so they could build this concept electric 3-wheeler in time for the 80th annual Geneva Motor Show. This mythical machine is half 3-wheeler, half electric car. In the running position, the rider sits directly over the battery powered drivetrain (see: Low Center of Gravity) and is enclosed on 5 sides, with only the blue sky above.  In the parked position the large front windshield becomes a canopy that completely encloses the cockpit, keeping out the elements so everything remains pristine when you return… oh and by “YOU”, I mean no one since this machine will never be built commercially.  Oh well, at least you can stare longingly at these photos and dream about having a Honda 3R-C in your garage.  If your imagination is not that good, then maybe the video below can help get things in motion.

I was going to say that you stood a better chance of getting your hands on a Lumeneo Smera, but there are two factors preventing that, ONE – The $41,000 US Price tag and TWO – That damned 4th wheel.  I wonder how long before the US Auto Lobby looses its grip and not-for-highway-use, four wheeled vehicles begin to trickle in; you know those tiny trucks and vans popular everywhere else.  Maybe until then someone will release a 3 wheeler with a 4th wheel “option” to provide… um… added stability!  Gizmag did a nice piece on the convergence of car and motorcycle which you can see HERE>.

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  1. Orin Says:

    Steve, note the following:

    Nissan Leaf PEV: limited release late this year, nationwide sales 2011
    Ford Transit Connect electric: on sale 2011
    Chevy Volt REV: on sale 2011
    Ford Focuse PEV: on sale 2012

    All of which are REAL, useful cars that can travel on any road.

    WHY would anyone want one of those glorified golf carts? They’re restricted because they’re a hazard to traffic and a hazard to their occupants on anything resembling a real road.

    Scootin’ Old Skool


    • Steve Guzman Says:

      Well, by “not for highway” I mean city use, not that useless 35 MPH maximum speed around the neighborhood crap. I’d would especially like to see some appropriately sized work vehicles… some small, clean diesel or electric powered trucks and vans (like the Ford Transit Connect). One of my major complaints is how difficult is is to get non-traditional 4-wheeled vehicles on the roads here. Sure, there’s a couple of states (like KY) where it isn’t a problem, but for most of the USA if you wanted to take a… go kart to the grocery store you’d get stopped faster than a naked model on a motorcycle doing 100 on the freeway. In France? No problem. If it’s got lights, mirrors and indicators you’re a “go”.

      Why not let Go Karts on the streets (not highways)? Most have scooter engines, but they also have twice as many wheels as a scooter AND a roll cage!


  2. RickRussellTX Says:

    When will we see relaxed safety standards for limited-use cars? Never in a million years. Really, even if we relaxed the standards a little bit, some naive parents are going to give a Tata Nano to an idiot kid and he’ll run headlong into pylon, and then it will be all, “oh, who will think of the children, if only they had compliant brakes and airbags, boo hoo, how could this incredibly rich Indian entrepreneur have fooled us all with his slick sales pitch?”


  3. Tim Says:

    Using the windshield as a lid is a great idea. Need to remember that.



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