Mods vs. Rockers IV coming this weekend!

Sun, Mar 21, 2010


Mods vs. Rockers IV coming this weekend!

It’s again the time of the year to don your natty suit or studded leather, depending on your affiliation, and ride down to Dallas for the fourth annual Mods versus Rockers event.  Register to reserve your shirt and be a part of the rides, prizes, music and events.  I didn’t attend last year, but The Dallas Observer makes it look like a great time!  (even without the bloodshed of the original Mods v. Rockers event… though THIS would be ok.)

I plan on showing up, but I’ll probably go as a Mocker, the bastard child of a Mod dad and Rocker mom.  See ya there!

Oh!  J.J. Hutchinson also reminds us that the Big Easy Weekender is going on in Baton Rouge the same weekend… so you’ve got options!

AND, if you’re in California, check out The Rides of March also this weekend.

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