Shop spotlight – Bowls LA

Mon, Mar 22, 2010

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Shop spotlight – Bowls LA

I’ve been thinking about the Honda Ruckus lately.  You may have already figured out that Honda will not introduce a 2010 model, deciding instead to clear out their remaining 2009 models this year.  This move is not unusual for Honda, it’s only unusual in America.  In Japan model year isn’t such a big deal.  Today you might find a shop in Japan selling new bikes from 2008 and 2009 without anyone thinking much about it.  To make up for it, Honda USA is offering $200 in bonus bucks with the purchase of a new (old) 2009 Ruckus.  So what does that have to do with a little boutique shop in LA?  Well, Bowls LA isn’t just a boutique shop that will help you customize your wardrobe but they will also help you customize your Honda Ruckus (they do other custom stuff too)!  I watched one of their promo videos (below) and really, for me?  If they sold groceries they could be my one stop shop. I loved everything about the video.  The music?  Steve Miller.  The toys?  Star Wars and sweet custom skate decks.  The ride?  Custom Ruckus’.  They had Angel Jam Master Jay shirts and rare kicks (shoes).  I will make it a point to stop by their shop in San Marino the next time I’m out that way… preferably with a fist full of cash.

Anyway, here’s that video I was talking about:

You can follow them on Twitter and see more Bowls LA videos here.

3 Responses to “Shop spotlight – Bowls LA”

  1. Eric Says:

    Is the Ruckus normally 4 stroke or 2? Is Bowls LA web page mentioned 2.


    • TRruckus Says:

      The Ruckus is a 50cc, 4 stroke. But engine swaps are a common customization since the frame is so adaptable. There are many 50cc, 2 stroke Zuma engine swaps out there. The swapped 2 strokes seem more popular in Japan, while the majority of the swaps in the US are for bigger engines…usually a 150cc.


  2. Tim Lewallen Says:

    Those guys and gals make some CRAZY scoots. I have been dropping by their site off and on for a few months. It really gives you the bug to pick up a Ruckus.


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