Two wheeled texting? Oh, kids these days.

Tue, Mar 30, 2010


Two wheeled texting?  Oh, kids these days.

Jeff Holt/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Motorcycles are the primary form of transportation in Vietnam, and public health officials are raising the alarm about a new road hazard: texting while driving. Here, a man checks his cell phone while driving in downtown Hanoi, Vietnam, in January.

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4 Responses to “Two wheeled texting? Oh, kids these days.”

  1. ripleyradio2.0 Says:

    Funny looking at the picture the person text-ing looks like a public health official


  2. Tim Says:

    They do that all over Italy too. Crazy.


  3. Jeffraham Prestonian Says:

    Future Darwin Award winners.


  4. Matt Says:

    The best part about this is that you can actually ride up beside them and slap their gay little cell phone out of their hands.


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