How to make a Hummer more efficient than a scooter

Thu, Apr 8, 2010

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How to make a Hummer more efficient than a scooter

On Sunday March 8th 2010 Jeremy Dean took his totally pimped out Hummer, entitled Futurama, out for a spin. Dean has pimped it out with silver chrome, working LED lights and a booming audio and video system. Even though the modded Hummer only gains 2 HP of forward momentum, it’s still tons better than the civilian mall-runner, tax right-offs usually driven by CEO wives. I like to see how it runs with the 8 HP upgrade! The Hummer is DEAD! LONG LIVE THE HUMMER!

Shouts to our homeboys in Korea, Furange, for the scoop!

3 Responses to “How to make a Hummer more efficient than a scooter”

  1. Casey Says:

    I’m sure glad that are society functions on a level that allows artists the support to fool around with such silly projects.


  2. ripleyradio2.0 Says:

    Both sides don’t understand. This is America where a man (woman). Can drive a car that gets less then 10 miles to a gallon, or take said car and chop it up and make it into a art project. And not be persecuted for either. That’s what America is!!!


  3. steve Says:

    I think people SHOULD drive what they want to (granting it doesn’t pose a hazard to a majority of others, like welding rusty razorblades to every square inch of your Ford Focus). There’s a reason I don’t like the Civi-Hummer and it’s not just around the idea that it’s the symbol of over-consumption.

    Let’s take a car with similar fuel efficiency, the ’59 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz. Like the Hummer it only gets 9 MPG, but I LOVE that car! It’s beautiful, and fun and I don’t get mental visions that when it pulls over a small platoon of our nation’s finest are going to bust out and shout for me to take cover.

    The biggest difference is that back in 1959, if a business owner wanted one, he/she had to pay for it. That changed in 1997 with a provision in the U.S. tax code (Section 179) that said if a business owner wanted a big vehicle (6000 lbs+) that WE taxpayers would pay for it (through a tax deduction of $25,000 which later became $75,000 during GW’s reign).

    Here’s a good example of how successful this program was:
    Accountants, SUV dealers rush to capitalize
    Around the country, auto dealers such as ‘the Car Guy’ Jerry Reynolds in Texas and hundreds of accountants and online tax management sites have been encouraging small business owners such as doctors, lawyers, and realtors to rush out and take advantage of this tax windfall. One advertisement from Dugan & Lopatka, an accounting firm in Wheaton, IL, reads, ‘Write-Off 100% of Your New SUV? Yes, If It’s Under 100,000!’

    According to a November 7, 2003, article in the Washington Post, Dugan & Lopatka were so inundated with phone calls regarding their advertisement they nearly had to shut down their switchboard. Industry analysts predicted a spike in purchases last November and December due to the typical year-end rush to claim the deduction for tax returns.

    So… that’s one of the major reasons I don’t like Hummers. I feel like if you want one, you should whip out your wallet and pay for it. It’s not a tractor. Now, if you owned a business where you had to do off-road land surveys and a regular old Jeep wouldn’t cut it, then I could excuse a big, dirty, work Hummer (nothin’ chafes my hiney like a Hummer Mall-runner).

    Without the “SUV Tax Loophole” I could only dislike them for being big, ugly, roadhogs that get poor gas mileage and trigger my “run for cover” response.


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