Vespa, built for jumping?

Wed, May 12, 2010

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I was talking to a friend of mine about scooter gymkhana and he was saying how he won’t jump a Vespa.  Dirt bike?  Sure!  Vespa?  No way.  I wanted to prove to him it was no problem and then I ran into this video.  Maybe the Canadian Scooter Corporation has convinced me that I’m wrong… and if not, I still thought their video was pretty cool.

7 Responses to “Vespa, built for jumping?”

  1. illnoise Says:

    I’ve seen some majestic jumps on Vespas.

    I’ve also seen some broken shock mounts (and bones) on Vespas.

    The Genuine Blur, however? Perfect for Gymkhana jumps:…


    • Steve Guzman Says:

      OHHHH yeah…. That Blur jump is the most competent scooter jump I’ve seen in a gymkhana. SERIOUSLY! Majestic and fearless. Makes me wish I had health insurance.


  2. tim Says:

    No scooters are good for jumping.

    With the structural integrity of the frame aside, jumping a scooter simply gives the rider very little options for holding onto the bike.
    The same goes for off roading/ trail riding.

    At least on a motorcycle, you can hold on to the bike with your legs using the fuel tank.

    On a scooter, you’re only attached to the bike with your hands.


  3. Steve Guzman Says:

    Ahhh, good point Tim.
    Maybe I should screw some kiteboard bindings into my floorboard… either that or work on my buttocks clenching abilities.


  4. Tim Lewallen Says:

    I jumped my 1984 Elite 80 and even landed on one wheel! It was the front wheel of course. Plus I broke the rubber bushings on the front shocks. But still!


  5. Tony Says:

    I don’t think he did it quite right. Technique is what counts. And attitude, with the right attitude you can do anything!!!


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