More micro than the Smart?

Mon, Jun 21, 2010


More micro than the Smart?

(Peugeot BB1 is like a four passenger, covered, electric scooter!)

You gotta love Peugeot… those guys/gals don’t give a DAMN!  Pushing boundaries hither and thither.  What do you have to say for yourselves Peugeot?!  Haven’t you heard of “staying the course”?  Maintaining the “Middle of the Road”?  Look at the Ford Taurus!  That thing was so non-descript that it became Ford’s best seller!  Actually, that last part is true, so maybe Ford was on to something.  I, on the other hand, wouldn’t own a Ford Taurus… I would, however, own something as bat-assed-crazy as this BB1!  It’s unique, it’s efficient, easy to park and one hell of a conversation piece.  I think in the short term, I’d prefer it with a 650cc petrol engine, but as battery technology matures this thing would be a sweet little electric.

Shout outs to Matt Berkenbile who posted this scoop on our Facebook Page (please LIKE).  Oh, and out of all the “disses” I’ve heard, THIS is the most well executed.

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  1. Tim Lewallen Says:

    Those four people better really like each other before going on a cruise to the local Big Kahuna Burger. That is some cramped seating! But I like the quirky look and vibe of the thing.



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