Tiny post: The Stretch Motocompo

Thu, Jul 1, 2010


This one is a bit unusual.  You might not catch it the first time you look, but once you get past the obvious stuff like the top case and wind deflector, then you start to notice that this thing’s got two seats!  And two sets of foot pegs!  (and two pipes, I don’t know what’s going on there.)  But, this is the first two passenger / stretch Motocompo I’ve seen.  I wish I knew more about this contraption.  Thanks to Akisan for the scoop!

Wait!  It looks like… It’s got TWO engines!  The original two stroke with custom pipe and a bolt-on 50cc 4-stroke?  Whoa… I’m feeling woozy.  I need to sit down and let my eyes adjust.

8 Responses to “Tiny post: The Stretch Motocompo”

  1. Tim Lewallen Says:

    Consider my mind asploded! We must know more!


  2. nikolas Says:

    Wow a scooter version of a Hummer.


  3. John Says:

    I’d love to know more about this mod.


    • yan b Says:

      What it looks like is the first “canister pipe” is actually just part of the intake, quite nifty actually. Note how it leads into the tiny carb, so rest assured its not a dual engine contraption. and you could tell its 4stroke by the opposite pipe, it is large canister style. pretty unique styling on an already unique scoot, nice find


  4. Dave Says:

    I am halfway expecting to find another one stored away in the box on the back.
    Like throes nesting toys each one getting a little smaller as you go .
    I like it. : )


  5. Steve Guzman Says:

    Hey! Thanks for the study Yan B! I see what you mean. I can breath again knowing I won’t have to contemplate the wheels within wheels complexity of a twin engine motocompo.

    Good find Shomeyrwit! Thanks.

    Dave! I like it… might be room for THIS in there: http://www.toyeast.com/v3/pdtdetail.asp?pdt_id=A44018


  6. Tony Says:

    That thing’s just weird. Looks like something from Tonka Toys


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