Breaking News: Carter Bro (SYM) warehouse on fire

Mon, Jul 12, 2010


(Footage shot just hours ago by WFSA News Channel 12)

This just in, there was a massive blaze at the Carter Brothers warehouse this morning and still being fought as we report.  Employees were just  coming back from their annual week-long break only to find fire fighters surrounding the facility.

The Dothan Eagle reports – Glenn Adkins, incident commander with the Brundidge Volunteer Fire Department, said 50 to 60 volunteer firefighters from a dozen fire departments responded to Carter Brothers Manufacturing after a fire was reported at 3:35 a.m. Monday. Adkins said it appears the fire started in the finished product area of the building or the shipping area. There were no injuries, though several firefighters received treatment for heat exhaustion.

Carter Brothers representative Pete McIntosh says he understands the fire was “pretty intense” and says “we’re still trying to get an idea of how bad it is.”  In closing Pete said that “We’ll let you know what the official stance is and what the extend of the damage is.” and seemed optimistic when he mentioned that Binh, had just completed his ride from California to Alaska and back on a new SYM Symba.

WSFA 12 News covered a fire at the same location just days before Christmas in 2000. No one was injured in that blaze, though owners had to completely rebuild the 53,000 square feet facility.

No word on yet on the number of SYM scooters or go karts destroyed in the blaze.  VP of Sales, Robert Belmont, could not be reached for comment as of this time.

***UPDATE 1:20pm CST***
We just got off the line with Pete McIntosh who has received a report back from Robert Belmont, VP of Sales.  Robert reports, “Most of the inventory area is destroyed and well as most of manufacturing.  The good news is that they do have many units in their California and warehouses not to mention the expected arrival of parts in the next week or so, to be held in an off campus warehouse.

***UPDATE 3:11pm CST***
Just got off the line with Alabama State Fire Marshal, Ed Paulk, who said it’s still a bit early to determine the cause or total extent of the damage, but they will continue their investigation and have more information as it becomes available. When asked about the condition of the firefighters involved, Paulk stated that the high humidity, 100+ degree temperatures, intense heat from the fire and added protective gear has a tendency to take a toll on a crew. To that I say, “Thank goodness that we have such a fearless, and qualified crew that we can rely on for help in these situations!” We’re glad that no one was critically injured in the incident!

***UPDATE 7/15/10***
According to this report, things aren’t looking so bad for Carter.  Right now it looks like the only damage sustained was to their warehouse full of scoots and possibly their computer records.

***UPDATE 7/16/10***
Fire Marshal puzzled over discovery.  Carter Bro’s loss estimated at $18 Million.

14 Responses to “Breaking News: Carter Bro (SYM) warehouse on fire”

  1. Jeffraham Prestonian Says:

    Holy crap!

    I knew they were having problems, but… geez, Louise. This ain’t gonna help.


  2. Jeffraham Prestonian Says:

    In one of those local TV reports, they said 3000 scooters were lost. That’s a lot of SYM.


  3. T-Bone Says:

    I guess my Symba just became a collector’s item!


    • Pete Says:

      SYM-USA still has several hundred SYMBAs available located in a West Coast warehouse as well as in Texas.

      Make sure you check out all the details on Binhs ride on the SYMBA.
      Binh just completed his almost 8,000 miles, in 22 days, SYMBA Adventure – California to Arctic Circle and back (averaged over 350 miles each day). The SYMBA worked great averaged over 100mpg.


  4. ryan Says:

    my dad worked there for bout 15 years and juts quit in december it was crazy


    • Joe Gillespie Says:

      Ryan:Please elaborate on “Crazy”.I had just spoke face-to-face w/one of their sales agents and he didn’t let on about anything.(I thought it was Italian Lightning when I first heard the news)—the Chinese are breaking all the Taiwanese-made scooter co’s backs.


  5. chris Says:

    My SYMpathy to all


  6. Steve Guzman Says:

    Very quick Tom! I was putting together a sorry-excuse-of-a-photoshopping for the story when you commented. Can you believe it?


  7. intheknow Says:

    I can believe it. Many scooter were moved from offsite warehouse to the one that burned in the week prior to fire.


  8. Chatt Town Scooters Says:

    Chatt Town Scooters is extremely sorry to hear about this! That is horrible!


  9. joe withrow Says:

    when and where will we be able to get parts i need a shifter cable for gtr 250 buggy sorry for your loss


  10. Tony Says:

    Nothing horrible about it. It’s arson


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