RIP PT Cruiser, long live Fiat 500!

Sun, Jul 18, 2010


The Fiat 500 is the car that put the Italy on 4 wheels, we already know what put them on two wheels ;).   Discontinued in 1975 and back in late 2011 from the Mexican manufacturing plant that spent its time cranking out PT Cruisers (about 150,000 of them) will now be cranking out this cute little 3-door hatchback for the US Market.

Many people, including my wife, consider the classic Fiat one of the most fun, and troublesome cars they’ve ever ridden in.  She still reminisces on the days her mother had to park on a hill so she could get out to give her a push start.

Sales are VERY encouraging in Europe since its reintroduction in 2007.  The expected base MSRP is $16,500.  In the microcar department, the Fiat 500 will be competing with not just the Mini (also designed by Frank Stephenson) and Smart, but also the Scion iQ, Volkswagon UP, the Chevy Spark, and the resurrected Ford Fiesta.  Maybe the PT Cruiser will make comeback in 36 years.

Look for it in an EV version around 2013.  Want more info?  Check out the Fiat homepage, or 500 Fan Site, OR if your Japanese is good, check out the museum!

5 Responses to “RIP PT Cruiser, long live Fiat 500!”

  1. Todd Says:


    Is Fiat still an Italian owned company?


  2. Orin Says:

    Fiat Auto owns every volume Italian car brand, and a piece of Ferrari. And Chrysler.


  3. Trevor Says:

    Cute but overpriced in Australia.
    The Punto is actually the better value.


    • Steve Guzman Says:

      You know, that’s the tough part with some of the cool microcars. It’s hard to find the value when compared to things like the Honda Civic, Ford Fiesta and the Punto. You have to be ready to sacrifice a bit in price and practicality for something that might look cooler or cuter than those rides.


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