K-Way MOTUS wants to be YOUR pick

Fri, Jul 30, 2010

3-wheel, Hybrid

(Imagine hybrid MP3 with a reinforced roof! Practical? I think so.)

The Progressive Automotive XPrize! In my opinion, this is the most important competition of our lifetime. Sure, it’s great that a team will receive a grand prize of $10M for building a car that gets at least 100 MPGe (miles per gallon equivalency) in real world driving while being safe, affordable and desirable.  BUT, the real winners here are you and I… and our children… and their children.

The XPrize is Generation X’s version of the moon landing.  Think about all the social advancements that the space race brought us!  Ok, Tang… I know there are others, but what I’m trying to say is that the XPrize is a major catalyst for change! The winners of this competition will provide evolutionary genetics to our next generation of transportation!

Knowing the importance of the Automotive XPrize, don’t you think you should participate?  So, you can tell your grandkids “You know why you’re driving that newfangled doohickey?  Because I voted for it!” and they can nod their head and say “SURE you did gramps.”  Well, this is your moment!  You’ve got from now until August 16th to vote for FAN FAVORITE in the MOST PRACTICAL category.  Need MORE incentive?  How about this… Register to vote and every day that you vote you get another chance to win $3000 bucks!  That’s worth it, right?  Voting to tell the builders what would make your future car more practical while getting chances to bank $3k?!

Fan Faves for MOST STYLISH (Zap Alias) and MOST INNOVATIVE (Aptera 2e) have already been chosen… so vote on MOST PRACTICAL now and then MOST WANTED coming up August 17th – September 6th.

AND… as long as we’re talking about voting, K-Way MOTUS sent us a little note and they would love for you to pick their ride (seen above) as most practical.  It’s essentially an MP3 with a roof like a BMW C1, but running on a parallel electric / gas hybrid platform.  You’ve a pair of electric motors in the two front wheels and for the long haul it’s got an 850cc gasoline engine on the real wheel.  The K-Way MOTUS will hold two passengers and in a future incarnation they plan on adding a swivel-out front seat for easy entry & exit.

There are lots of exciting choices, so go register and CAST YOUR VOTE!

Oh, we forgot to mention that “The $10 millionprize grand prize will be presented at an Award Ceremony on September 16, in Washington, D.C.”

6 Responses to “K-Way MOTUS wants to be YOUR pick”

  1. Sporty Says:

    Looks like it would be hot as a sweat lodge in there !!!!


  2. Tim House Says:

    I knew that the BMW C1 and the Piaggio MP3 would eventually produce offspring. Just glad I was not there to watch. Safety cell, an extra wheel, that could get awkward.


    • Steve Guzman Says:

      Oh, I know… I’m willing to give them another chance but I’m sure there are LOTS of dealers who rather give them a piece of their mind. And the design they won with? It’s been vaporware for YEARS!


  3. Mirko @ K-Way Motus Says:

    Hi Steve, thanks for your support.
    We are a bit down in the charts, it’s a pity, we deserve a better position.
    I hope that your readers will help us.


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