Epic movie inspires epic scooter

Tue, Aug 3, 2010


If you don’t keep up with the UK scootering culture, you may not know about “the theme scooter”.  We rarely see them here in the USA (luckily) but it’s been a favorite past-time of many Brits since the Mod Revival and gets a regular feature in Scootering Magazine.  Most of the Motown and Northern Soul themes are lost on me but this one, scooped by “Q”, really spoke to me.  Check out the Star Wars theme custom scooter captured in Leeds, England (source).

11 Responses to “Epic movie inspires epic scooter”

  1. GAW Says:

    Theme scooters are not my thing, but if it’s a Star Wars theme that’s whole other matter. Love the seat.


  2. Allworld Says:

    I love the creativity. It does make the USA seem boring/bland by comparison.


  3. Trevor Says:



  4. Tim Says:

    Not really my thing either but I can appreciate the craftsmanship! Very well done!


  5. JamesJohn Says:

    umm Steve…the kids dont say epic anymore.


  6. Tom Says:

    ^^^ LOL


  7. Steve the Mopeds Scooter Guy Says:

    “We don’t see them here in the US (luckily)?” Not cool. I think it would be great to see everyone cruising around with decked-out, theme scooters!


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