Mini continues to tease – E Scooter

Thu, Sep 23, 2010

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The Paris Motor Show is scheduled to kick off in another week and a half and already, one of the big discussions, is about a new electric concept scooter from WHO of all people? Mini.  What you see above is a leaked shot of the throughly pimped out scoot with it’s green to gold color shifting paint job and stitched leather “interior”.  Seems pretty fleshed out and it looks WAY better than the Disney inspired thing they teased us with for April Fools day 2006.  You can go to MotorTrend to see lots more images of all three colors or go to GirlRacer for lots of tasty background on the design.  This one has a rear electric motor, though it looks like they could fit a hub motor in the front wheel too, and iPhone instrumentation to narrow down their consumer segment even more.  An eye-rolling nuisance to some, but I’m geeking out about tweeting my every turn (I kid, I kid).

Oh!  And here’s another shot of the green wonder.  What do you think?  Looks a tiny bit familiar to me, but I just can’t place it.  Not the Yamaha Cuxi 100.  I’m not sure what.  Take a closer look and tell me what you think about the design.  We know that the Mini E Scooter concept will be powered by a Lithium Ion battery but we’ll have to hold out another week or so before we know what kind of motor is moving this concept.

Also coming in with their “ME TOO!” concept is Smart with their Smart Escooter. The design is very alien, but it’s growing on me.

***UPDATE 9/24/2010***
Ladies and gentlemen, we have video!

And (thanks to Lorenzo from SCGT) some footage of the E Scooter in the wild.

4 Responses to “Mini continues to tease – E Scooter”

  1. Tom Says:

    Why do so many of the small scooters come with that same old Venice/Vino/Metro/Mio look?

    P.S. Keep up the good work!


  2. Dave Says:

    Photo Shop foul.

    No one can ride a scooter with out smiling.


  3. Jay-Em Says:

    Girls are gonna go APE over them if Mini decides to market them in this shape. They’re extremely stylish ,fashion-y and clean/silent. I got a couple of young female friends that always complain about the dirty, noisy nature of their scooters(btw, I live in a rather scooter-dense country in Northern Europe) They absolutely HATE noisy 2-strokes and the hormone-challenged boys riding them, so a silent, clean scooter will be just up their alley. Already I am seeing some elecric scooters, all bought and driven by girls.


  4. mini scooters Says:

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