Piaggio shows the Ape of tomorrow

Thu, Nov 11, 2010


The EICMA 2010 show has pulled down the streamers and swept up the confetti and there were actually a  few surprises this year.  For one, BMW is flirting with jumping back into the scooter game with their new sport commuter concept with plans for much “Joy In The City“.  Perhaps they wish to conjure up images of a more family friendly version of Sex In The City with that marketing theme, but frankly it sounds about as good (see: Bad) as Microsoft’s, “Always delightful and wonderfully mine.” theme for their newish Window Phone 7.

Piaggio, on the other hand, is looking to a future with products in step with the meager demands of a broke-ass economy.  The Piaggio NT3 is being called the new Ape (reminder to pronounce AH-peh) and is intended to compete, in India, with the Tatas… er Tata Nano, specifically.  You do remember the Tata Nano, right?  The $2500 car?  Well, if the NT3 does indeed hit production, it is expected to show up to go head-to-head against the Nano by 2012 (being manufactured by Piaggio’s Baramati manufacturing plant) and maybe even make an appearance on European streets around 2013 or 2014.  Nissan is also vying for the Tata market with their New Mobility Concept EV.  Ahhhh, Tata… I just want a shirt that shows off the 2011 line up and says “Tatas!” on the front.

Here’s a rundown of the specs.

Tata Nano EV – Range 99 miles Maximum speed 37mph
Nissan NMC EV – Range 62 miles Maximum speed 47mph
Piaggio NT3 Electric – Range (full electric) “It’s over 9,000!”  (Nah, who knows… they’re makin’ all this crap up anyway)  Maximum speed 18 mph
Piaggio NT3 hybrid – Who knows… something about “either a 200cc or 300cc motorcycle engine and later Piaggio’s hybrid HyS technology will be optional on 300cc-equipped NT3s and all models are expected to achieve more than 70 miles per gallon”.  They could also be considering a model with a 3,000cc rainbow powered engine that produces 700 Brake Unicorn Power (BUP) and burns so cleanly that it leaves only water-soluble sparkle dust as it’s exhaust.  Wheeee!

3 Responses to “Piaggio shows the Ape of tomorrow”

  1. illnoise Says:

    It’s arguably the Vespa 400 of tomorrow. I guess I should probably post about that. So behind.


  2. Orin Says:

    As I’ve said, this thing looks an awful lot like Gordon Murray’s T.25, and his company is looking for a partner to build it, so I wonder if Piaggio would be that partner…?

    Scootin’ Old Skool


  3. GenWaylaid Says:

    Electric? I thought the future was “Damn dirty Apes!”


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