Opulence, Ruby has it and you can customize it

Wed, Dec 8, 2010


The title of this post may not trigger the visuals I intended, unless you has seens the DirectTVs commercial, but never the less, of all the helmets I’ve seen it is the Ruby’s of Paris lids that appear to be the most opulent.

Ruby pulls their helmet materials from the top shelf!  They describe their high class helmets thusly:

All ruby® helmets are made using carbon fibres, a technology inherited from the aerospace industry guaranteeing maximum solidity combined with a feather-light weight.
The pavillon subtly asserts its personality through a number of details:

Its backbone is inspired by knights’ helmets, the chrome-plated strip which runs around the edge of the helmet, its steel coat of arms and its claret interior made of nappa lambskin reminiscent of the aesthetics of vintage luxury cars, the attention to detail given to the design and working of each part, without overlooking its red case which would be worthy of even the finest jewel..
With the ruby pavillon, the helmet is now an object of desire.

We hope you will get the chance to take a close look at one of our helmets, so that you can appreciate the wealth of details, the quality of the finish, the feel of the materials, the professionalism of the technological choices and its incomparable level of comfort.

Made using the carbon fibres?!  Just GREAT!  Now I want to touch one.  Maybe the next time I’m at one of the more exclusive Vespa shops, I get the chance to feels the opulence.  But WAIT!  We’re not done.  If you’re gonna get a Ruby, you might as well get it custom built, eh?  Well, you’re in luck if you’ve got between $965 and $1045 (plus the shippinks) set aside, you can visit the online Ruby Boutique and hand pick a size, paint job, design, trim and even if you want face shield snaps or not.  Just pay a visit to Ruby’s “à la carte” Configurator and get creative!

Now, if you’re the crafty type and you’re a budget you could probably make a pretty snazzy lid out of a $55 Daytona 3/4 shell with enough patience and skill… but if you’re going through the trouble to line it with nappa lambskin, you might want to consider sticking with your dirty, old helmet and saving up a hundred bucks a month until you can order a Ruby.  :)

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  1. chris johnson Says:

    Wow..The cheapest I could get a helmet was for 980usd. I could buy 4 honda sprees with that type of cash. However I still wish I had a fancy millionaires helmet.


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