Holiday Season Suggestions – YikeBike!

Mon, Dec 20, 2010


Like a magical, mystical electric unicycle with a training wheel, the YikeBike that me mentioned back in March, is ready to make its under-tree debut this year.  The good news?  It’s only $3595 (down from the originally estimated $4500 and if you order it with accessories like carrying case, extra charger and US standard plug the total will run you $3768 + Shipping.), the bad news?  It probably won’t make it here from New Zealand by Christmas.  :(

Still not convinced that mom / dad/ wife / Santa will get wrap one up for ya?  Show ‘em these videos!  (be sure to jump up and down with excitement and “Oh my GOSH!  THIS IS IT!  I WANT IT!  I WANT IT!” while they watch).

4 Responses to “Holiday Season Suggestions – YikeBike!”

  1. becky Says:

    I think you are mistaking my “holy cow, that is one of the
    dumber things ever” expression with my I WANT IT expression. I’m
    not sure it’s sillier than any of the other “bike alternatives” out
    there like the Eliptigo, the Dreamcycle and all those other


  2. Adrian Says:

    Oh gawd, my teeth hurt just thinking about the consequences
    of a front-end spill with your hands stuck behind your


    • Blue Mark Says:

      One of the videos shows the consequence – you just step off. You aren’t trapped in behind handlebars and front wheel like on a bicycle, your hands are beside you, not ‘stuck’, and you are in an upright balanced position rather than crouched forward and unbalanced. However … it might be advisable to develop a beer belly if you are in the habit of running into walls and other stationary objects …


  3. Orin Says:

    This reminds me of that Honda concept, tho the small rear wheel probably cuts down the gyroscope count. As my legs work less and less well, I’m probably going to have to think about something like this in the not-too-distant future.

    My biggest concern is, what do you do if it breaks?

    Scootin’ Old Skool


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