What does a Geek god ride?

Wed, Feb 9, 2011

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No, not GREEK god like Thor, but GEEK as in nerd or code monkey… except were talking about Aaron Hillegass here, he’s more like a CODE GORILLA!  I mean, go to Amazon.com and look up “Cocoa Programming”, and you know what shows up first?  Aaron’s book, Cocoa(R) Programming for Mac(R) OS X (3rd Edition) by Aaron Hillegass, which looks like this:

Unlike his Second edition which looks like this:

And THAT’S when I noticed a trend.  Aaron likes monochrome colors… :D – HAHAH!  NOooooo! Aaron must like scooters.

So I decided to drop Aaron a line and ask him more about the scooter trend with these treasured tomes of his; to which he responded:

Yes, I am a scooter fan and I suggested it be on the cover of “Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X”. My wife, however, asked that I get rid of my scooter as she was concerned that it might lead to my premature death. In a conflict that required a trip to a couples counselor, I agreed to sell my beautiful red Piaggio BV 250 — not vintage, but a great ride.

I understand, being a new dad and all… it probably won’t be terribly long before he’s back up on two wheels.  We chatted about his old scoot a bit more:

I loved that Piaggio BV250 — it is the scooter that many urban Italian police ride. Super reliable, comfortable, and powerful enough to deal with Atlanta traffic. I rode mostly in the summer, so I took the windscreen off so I could feel the breeze.

I had to pass the motorcycle driving test and get insurance and tags to ride a 250cc in Georgia, but it was completely worth it.

Amen to THAT brother! Aaron sent me a link, where he described his essential riding gear in such a fine manner that it brought a tear to my eye… It’s like he summed up TheScooterScoop in one, off-topic post. I’d make Aaron an honorary Editor after reading his testimony on the fun and practical way he gears up to ride. You can read it yourself by going <HERE>.  Oh, but don’t listen to his advice at the end of the post.  I prefer that we preserve some of the more delicate genetics, just in case they contain a cure for cancer.

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  1. Brad Says:

    I completely understand the wife/premature death sort of deal. One little accident, an 8 day stay in the hospital, wheelchair for 3 months and I had to make a choice between the wife and the scooter – a well loved 2002 butter yellow chetak still in good shape. Hopefully it found a good home. I may be able to swing another bike after the kids get out of college in a few years. I’ve done vintage and classic – now thinking GTS (because I like saying it). Though the BV250 is pretty sweet also.


  2. Michael Langford Says:

    Four wheels good, two wheels bad!


  3. Tim Lewallen Says:

    Great find! Thanks for posting this!


  4. Adrian Says:

    Gah! Thor isn’t Greek!


  5. Orin Says:

    It’s nice to see the half-century brainwashing campaign by the so-called “safety establishment” has worked so well. How much do you want to bet Aaron’s wife would be totally okay with him riding a bicycle in traffic, even though we all know that’s far more dangerous than riding a scooter.

    She assumes riding a scooter = premature death. I can only say if I found myself in the same situation, I would be consulting a divorce lawyer, not a couples counselor. But then I never would’ve married someone who thinks like that in the first place…

    Scootin’ Old Skool


  6. Steve Says:

    Crud… I should have used “Nerd” and “Norse god” instead of “Geek” and “Greek god”. Good catch Adrian! :P~


  7. AndroidCat Says:

    He should gear up properly. The road doesn’t care what you fell off of. Jacket, pants, gloves, boots.

    Heh, that reminds me, one of my Thor 50/50 boots needs a replacement strap.


  8. scooot Says:

    hmmmmm..thor is not a greek god..hehe..he is a norse god..

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    last note:
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    scooters in asia is such a hit that many people modify them..google it and you will find a lot of accessories and kits as well as creatively modified versions of scoots especially from yamaha..

    for the kawasaki and suzuki scooters, i will post it later if you are really interested..


  9. Jeffraham Prestonian Says:

    I’m gonna ride this posting into the third week of March, minimum! :lol:


  10. ripley Says:

    Post something new steve


  11. Nicatorme Says:

    Nice article.

    Your blog has been help full I’m wring al blog myself with the subject scooters, but the blog is for Dutch people;D
    Just one thing Thor is’nt Greek but a Nore god.

    Keep up the good work!


    • ripley Says:

      New Hero
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  12. Bored Says:

    no updates since Feb?? have you given up with this website? – i used to find it quite interesting to see what you guys were up to on your side of the pond….


  13. drewbird911 Says:

    I think All of the updates are now on Facebook…


  14. MOTOR Says:

    Cool Piagio at the second photo! :)
    I have the same 3 years ago.


  15. Portal motocyklowy Says:

    Piaggio BV250 is my favourite scoote



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