Oil expected to rocket back over $100/barrel unless YOU keep down demand

2. December 2008


(Here’s a good way to lower oil prices.  Toss yer car in the recycle bin!) A pair of recent Reuters stories mention a deferment in oil production cuts originally planned for this month but they are torn over how we might react to these cuts.  Today oil has dropped to $49 a barrel down from […]

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Jobs for out of work scooters

12. November 2008


If low gas prices have you back to driving your 4WD Dually to the office you should consider a career for your out of work scooter.  Here’s an idea from ace2heart.  It’s not real, mind you, but a concept called “Sweep-scooter” that he/she entered into the Worth1000 Dream Vehicles 5 contest.  Just thought it could […]

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Bush lifts oil drilling ban. Hummers happy, baby seals sad.

15. July 2008


(w00t! Hummers are happy to be back out on the road! Flickr/Sam Felder) In a brave last minute move to temporarily save us oil addicts from “the shakes” before he has to roll, G-Dub has lifted his Dad’s 1990 ban on offshore drilling. All he needs now is the US Congress to “get off their […]

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America’s "pusher" trys to refuel our oil addiction

22. June 2008


(Ah mister BUsh! What you think about phat gold chain I buy with all of oil profits? Nice, no? And this was only from profits I make between 9am and 9:02am this morning! Hehe!) This from today’s CNNMoney report titled “Saudi summit aims at oil prices”: The world’s largest oil producer, stepping out of its […]

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Crude Oil Declines 0.7% to $130.15 a Barrel in New York – Scooter surge officially over

29. May 2008


CNN Money reports oil prices fell over $4 today. This marks the official end of the scooter surge for Americans who are relieved but now forced to find ways to re-purpose their hasty purchase. Lesley Banks, seen here tilling her garden, is happy to see oil on a recovery. “I was unsure what to do […]

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Extremist’s writings are just that. Extreme.

24. May 2008


(This sharp group of cadets have just been read a copy of Rant #446) That’s right “Extreme”, or better yet, “X-TREME!” In otherwords, played out, old… starting to sound like my grandmother-in-law. In his recent Rant #446 (title link), Peter De Lorenzo presents “Scooterlicious?” Not so much (as soon as I read the retired phrase […]

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