Presto change-o – A man’s shirt into a cute little Vespa dress

23. March 2009


AllTheNumbers has a cute little number in her Etsy shop. She describes like so: This cute dress had a former life as a man’s button-up, but is much happier now in its newer incarnation. Instead of spending the day at the office, this dress can now go to school, climb a tree, go rollerskating – […]

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Latest in scooter rider safety gear

23. January 2009

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AHAHAHA!  I just had to post one more from TNCRS.  I don’t know why but this thing just cracks me up.  At least the rider wouldn’t have to worry about nuscenses like rain, pollen, bee stings , dumptruck debris, awkward social situations or venerial diseses.  Thanks again for sharing S.A.! Click the title link to see […]

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Gearing up for Spring – Protect your nose, sinuses and lungs

9. January 2009


We received a comment tonight from Eric who asked if filtered-air helmets are available in the US yet. He was tired of choking on smoke during his daily commute. Since we hadn’t seen them ’round these parts we suggested that he check out Respro. We’ve heard good things about their filter masks. Later, a few […]

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Gearing up for Spring – A helmet for you hot heads

8. January 2009


(image source, where I also found a crazy orange helmet from Osbe and other stuff you can’t get in the USA) You remember Nexx?  The helmet company from Portugal that we were so excited about back in 2007?  Well, guess who’s now available in the USA… THAT’S RIGHT!  Nexx has landed!  The helmet I […]

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Gearing up for Spring – A lid that’s impossible to miss

8. January 2009


If you are a ninja or you’re trying out as a stunt double for Snake Eyes you can skip this article and go buy a Bandit helmet, BUT if you’re not trying to sneak up on somebody, you might think about a helmet that will get you noticed and by “noticed” I mean the jabbing-onlookers-in-the-eyeball-with-a-chopstick […]

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The Reese’s effect: Vespa + Adidas = LOVE

29. December 2008


Looks like the Germans and the Italians are mixing up “two great things that taste great together” with a new line of Vespa related Adidas gear.  Stange bedfellows?  Maybe not, I know quite a few Adidas wearing Vespa riders.   Some of the products are available now and can be seen by clicking on the […]

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