Speaking of "Posties"…

24. June 2009


(Oh!  You ride a Postie?  I’ve got a special delivery for you my dear.) I like work-themed bikes.  I’ve always said if I got my hands on a Big Ruckus, I’d turn it into a military messenger bike.  Well, if I got my hands on a cub, I would undoubedly spend untold hours and dollars […]

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Top Gear – The Vietnam Special

21. June 2009


On December 28, 2008 BBC 2 broadcast a special edition of the award winning show Top Gear in which the hosts were challenged to travel approximately 800 miles from Saigon to Halong Bay in the span of 8 days. Traditionally the hosts equip themselves with cars using money supplied by the program, but this time […]

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Australian Postie Bike Challenge

19. June 2009


If you are anything like me, you saw Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boreman in Long Way Round and thought to yourself “Self, you need to go on an epic, continent-spanning adventure on a bike!” It’s at that point your brain kicks in and you imagine dying in the desert from exposure and snake bites. Well […]

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Cubs to begin arriving in three weeks

15. April 2009


(You can stop staring at your scrapbook because the cubs will be landing soon. Image source) Many of you have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the first new cub type scooters in the USA since Honda discontinued the Passport back in 1983 (actually, there have been others but nothing worth mentioning). Well my friends, […]

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Teaser shot – The 2009 SYMBA

21. January 2009


Lookie here y’all! Fresh off the boat, it’s the 2009 SYMBA from who else but SYM. I’ve had a chance to give her a physical and even a test ride. Here’s my first impressions: – She’s slim… VERY slim. The widest part of the Symbais about as wide as my shoulders. – She’s a four […]

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Top Gear Vietnam – Motorcycle vs. Cub vs. Scooter

9. January 2009


Our friends from the Scooter Club Gold Triangle have dug up some more great entertainment for scooter lovers with their discovery of the Vietnam edition of Top Gear on YouTube. The Kingdom’s tenacious three travel 1,000 across Vietnam on a motorcycle, a cub and a Vespa. You may be surprised with the results! Shouts to […]

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