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RE: Gas prices – Say "uncle", SAY "UNCLE"!

23. April 2008


Oil rallies to record near $120 on supply worries | Business | Reuters NEW YORK (Reuters) – Oil surged to records near $120 a barrel on Tuesday on the weaker dollar, export disruptions from Nigerian rebel attacks and concerns a Scottish refinery strike could hit North Sea production. Further support came from data showing demand […]

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Casey from TSS in a bad wreck last night (RAFFLE)

21. April 2008


(Casey seen with his homebuilt scooter, The Flying Jackhammer, at Sandblast 2007) It’s an eerie feeling to watch a close friend hit the pavement right in front of your eyes. As it’s happening you become overwhelmed wondering how this is going to turn out and wishing for the best. Why do I know this? Because […]

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WTF?! of the week – The Evil Honda Helix

16. April 2008


Usually when you think “Honda Scooters” it might conjure up thoughts of cuteness (Metro) or oddness (most everything else)… but when you’ve seen what I’ve seen lurking around craigslist, it might change your mind. Check out THIS Honda Helix of DOOOOM! It was an ’86 like my own Uhura back in the day. I think […]

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Love confessions

15. April 2008


It’s one thing to have a little toy scooter on your work desk or stare out of your window longingly while ignoring your TPS reports, but to make a 4 minute slide show professing your scooter desire takes another level of fanaticism. Cougargrad did just that and posted it for the would to see on […]

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When a scooter IS a moped

14. April 2008


(finding a good image of a Vespa V5A with the pedals attached is about as hard as finding a photo of Sasquatch with his hair combed.) I remember seeing this in a book once. It was a GREAT photo of what is definitely one of the oddest Vespas ever made. Apparently this rare bird was […]

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Super Street (car) Magazine covers the RUCKUS?!

11. April 2008


(I had to rub my eyes in disbelief! Scooters in SUPER STREET MAGAZINE!?) First of all, thanks to my fellow Hooligan, Casey, who brought this to my attention. After a failed attempt to find this magazine (April 2008) in my local book store, I resorted to Google. It didn’t take look before I found it, […]

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