Brand new (old stock) 1981 Honda MotoCompo on eBay

Mon, Sep 24, 2007


(Not a single buttock has not has been lain upon her pristine vinyl seat!)

By know you know I’m a fan of oddities… and Hondas… and rarities… So, this morning when I checked ebay and found not one, not two, BUT THREE 1981 Honda MotoCompos MINT IN BOX, I was completely floored. Three? I even have intermittent thoughts of selling Leia (my Vespa T5) to get in on this! Crazy, right?

The next question is what will they go for? Right now they are listed at $2,000 each + $300 shipping, and the reserve has not been met yet. If you win they will be crated from Japan to California where you will probably have to make additional shipping arrangements to get them to your neck of the woods.

The seller RMD Motors, is trusted (99.7% positive) with over 1,394 transactions. I’ll keep an eye on these and see if I end up making the jump on one. I’ve also contacted rick to see if he has exported a Suzuki SW-1; the only motorcycle I’m interested in owning right now. I know, I know, you probably thought you’d never hear that I would own a motorcycle… but this is a special exception (well, that and the V-Rex). Oh, and before we go, here are the 3 MotoComos awaiting their ocean voyage to the USA.

Well, as of this moment, bidding will end in just under 4 hours. The price for one of them is currently $2650.00 and the reserve is STILL not met. That means, if you want one of these babies you can expect to pay at least $3000 (shipped)… and THAT’S assuming the reserve is set to $2700. Who knows? Could be more. Either way these items are reserved for the true collector. They’ve been out of my range a few hundred dollars ago.

DANG! The bidding went up to $3490 (+$300 shipping) and the reserve STILL wasn’t met. Looks like these are too rich for ANYONE’s blood. I’m sure even i***o, the highest bidder, had to be thinking “WTF?!”. Oh well, there’s still 3 up for sale if anyone’s interested. (I just realized that ebay blocks the bidder’s information now to protect them, so i***o is just an ebay assigned name.)

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12 Responses to “Brand new (old stock) 1981 Honda MotoCompo on eBay”

  1. David Says:

    Those are so sweeet. I wish that I had the money to be a collector but at this point all of my rides need to be on the road.


  2. Nate Says:

    That is a COOL motorcycle! I’d ride that in a heartbeat! Have 2 imported.

    I’ll park it next to the Morphous…


  3. bryce Says:

    I’d love one of those too. That seems like a decent price for a brand new one.

    I always wonder how much things like that will sell for. They are rare, but slow bikes aren’t tremendously desirable.


  4. GenWaylaid Says:

    If the sources that Google digs up on the Suzuki SW-1 are correct, then at over 400 lb. it must be the heaviest thing ever to wear a legshield. I’ll stick to 175 lb. Honda Cubs, thank you very much.

    The Motocompo, however, is kick-ass. If you ever get the chance, find the first couple minutes of the first episode of the anime series “You’re Under Arrest!” It features a Motocompo chase over sidewalks, railings, stairways,… One of my favorite chase scenes ever. It’s a little farfetched, but probably within the capabilities of a good stunt biker. All you need is lots of practice, and three Compos so you don’t feel bad about crashing one. Here’s your chance!


  5. ScooterScoop Says:

    Hrm… 50lbs heavier than my old Honda Helix? And they are both 250cc? Wassup with that? Would be hella expensive to ship I suppose. At least more than it is to ship the Motocompo.


  6. Keys Says:

    I know where there is a MotoCompo in a motorcycle boneyard here in Arizona. Will probably need a bit of work. Didn’t LOOK too bad, though…


  7. Phil Says:

    Seriously…if you know where to find a Motocompo in the US let me know! I have 1/2 of one and I would really love to get it together.


  8. Anonymous Says:

    I have one of these and its a hoot!
    I live in Japan and I can easily find parts and whole bikes for reasonable prices! Exporting shouldnt be to much either as long as you dont mind it going by sea.

    Drop me a line at rom_selecta at yahoo dot com dot au. obviously lose the spaces, replace at with @ and dot with . :P



  9. Tricia Murdoch Says:

    Can you get parts for these? I have one that I got back in the early 80′s. I rode the heck out of it in high school and college. I want to get it running again but I will for sure need a new battery and a new fuel line. I live in the states, any suggestions?


  10. RWalleySA Says:

    I have one for sale! and I live in the USA

    email me at


  11. Paul Says:

    I want to buy one of your moto compos I’m in England will you ship please contact me


  12. Salem Mohammed alshaer Says:

    I want to buy the three motocompos but I am in the uae can you bring it


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