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SYM’s tiny cargo scooter

17. November 2010


Think of all the times you were on your scooter and thought, “Man!  I wish I had room for TWO cases of beer.”  Well, SYM (in Taiwan) has a solution for that persistent perplexity and it’s called the Gold Rich!  Well, it’s actually called the 金發財, but I don’t know my 金發財 from my 鞋油. […]

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Piaggio shows the Ape of tomorrow

11. November 2010


The EICMA 2010 show has pulled down the streamers and swept up the confetti and there were actually a  few surprises this year.  For one, BMW is flirting with jumping back into the scooter game with their new sport commuter concept with plans for much “Joy In The City“.  Perhaps they wish to conjure up […]

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