Now is your chance to own a tiny piece of history

11. January 2013


(The Whadda Drag microcar is just one of a HUGE inventory of classic microcars up for auction.) I cannot believe it!  The biggest, bestest microcar museum in North America, nay THE WORLD (video), is auctioning off their collection this month.  The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum, in Madison, Georgia is apparently closing up shop. I always […]

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RIP PT Cruiser, long live Fiat 500!

18. July 2010


The Fiat 500 is the car that put the Italy on 4 wheels, we already know what put them on two wheels ;).   Discontinued in 1975 and back in late 2011 from the Mexican manufacturing plant that spent its time cranking out PT Cruisers (about 150,000 of them) will now be cranking out this cute […]

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