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Autoblog – Japanese sales plunge as young people abandon cars

31. December 2008


(And, “No” it doesn’t have anything to do with how kooky their car designs are becoming.)Jeremy from Autoblog finds this report from the Detroit News, that basically says auto dealers in Japan are in for a rough 2009.  They are predicting a 30 year low for auto sales this year because more of the youth […]

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The Reese’s effect: Vespa + Adidas = LOVE

29. December 2008


Looks like the Germans and the Italians are mixing up “two great things that taste great together” with a new line of Vespa related Adidas gear.  Stange bedfellows?  Maybe not, I know quite a few Adidas wearing Vespa riders.   Some of the products are available now and can be seen by clicking on the […]

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Merry Holidays to All!

25. December 2008


This holiday season has been a whirlwind.  I hope to get you all caught up on the shenanigans after the new year.  I wish you all the best!

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Scooter shuns rider for being "weak". Goes it alone!

22. December 2008


Disappointed with its rider’s interest in competing in the local scooter rally gymkhana, this scooter has decided to train to go it alone. Thanks to our friend Ilya Vinarsky for the scoop on this auto piloted scooter. The video is sorta long and geeky, but still interesting… to me.

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Black is the new reflective

19. December 2008


This material isn’t new, but this use could be.  Someone has taken the 3M Scotchlite Reflective Tape (black) and covered their bike top to bottom.  The results?  A spooky flat black bike in the day and a ghostly white bike at night (when hit with a bright light source).   My question is… who will […]

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Keepin’ it oldschool

14. December 2008


How did motorists rock-out before the invention of the 8-track player? With the Highway Hi-Fi Phonograph! This image been hiding on my hard drive for years. Thought you’d get a kick outta it. ***UPDATE 6/26/09***Oh! Lookie here. Found some more info on these things HERE>

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