Now is your chance to own a tiny piece of history

11. January 2013


(The Whadda Drag microcar is just one of a HUGE inventory of classic microcars up for auction.) I cannot believe it!  The biggest, bestest microcar museum in North America, nay THE WORLD (video), is auctioning off their collection this month.  The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum, in Madison, Georgia is apparently closing up shop. I always […]

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Japan’s Big Scooter scene is being replaced by…

27. October 2010


BEHOLD, the great Japanese Big Scooter – massive, futuristic and fantastically gaudy; Japan’s super custom scooter is slowly vanishing from the Tokyo landscape where it found it’s birthplace.  The two-wheeled offspring of the Dekotora (Decoration Truck) of the mid 70′s, and inspired by the 70′s Kamen Rider (and others), the Big or sometimes called Baka […]

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Mini continues to tease – E Scooter

23. September 2010


The Paris Motor Show is scheduled to kick off in another week and a half and already, one of the big discussions, is about a new electric concept scooter from WHO of all people? Mini.  What you see above is a leaked shot of the throughly pimped out scoot with it’s green to gold color […]

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Epic movie inspires epic scooter

3. August 2010


If you don’t keep up with the UK scootering culture, you may not know about “the theme scooter”.  We rarely see them here in the USA (luckily) but it’s been a favorite past-time of many Brits since the Mod Revival and gets a regular feature in Scootering Magazine.  Most of the Motown and Northern Soul […]

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Wanna make your MadAss sound the part?

24. July 2010


OMG! I just installed new pipe on our shop MadAss 125. It’s the AssPipe from Moto-Scoot.  We haven’t done anything else to it yet, so we aren’t getting all of the benefits… but we ARE getting something.  Watch the video to find out what.  Shout outs to Austin Armstrong for the assistance today.

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Tiny post: The Stretch Motocompo

1. July 2010


This one is a bit unusual.  You might not catch it the first time you look, but once you get past the obvious stuff like the top case and wind deflector, then you start to notice that this thing’s got two seats!  And two sets of foot pegs!  (and two pipes, I don’t know what’s […]

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