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Fox 7 – Scooters will keel yoooooooouuu!

24. October 2008


An older Fox news piece that says fatalities are directly proportional to 2-wheeler use… You should stick to smoking instead.

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Scooters vs. SUVs… POLLUTE!

24. October 2008


It’s a good old-fashioned pollute-off! Fox wanted to do a story on how scooters pollute more than the biggest SUV. I wanted to give scooters a chance to defend themselves. We gathered up a group of Austin’s best to eat pizza, drink beer and burn oil.

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Reason #523 to NOT buy an unsupported scooter

20. October 2008


Loss of “cool-points”.

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Oil down almost 50% from high

16. October 2008


Oil prices drop due to fears that we will begin using less.  *Insert Curtis Mayfield’s “I’m Your Pusher” here*  Here’s part of the Bloomberg story: By Mark ShenkOct. 15 (Bloomberg) — Crude oil fell below $75 a barrel for the first time in more than a year on skepticism that a rescue of the world’s […]

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Oddities, abnormalities, anomalies oh MY!

7. October 2008


(bruthas from another mother, the Honda MotoGyro and the 3-Wheeled WFT) I think I figured out why I get along with those rabble rousing Ruckus fans so well, because they’re such good oddiologists! Just four months after TheScooterScoop was born, a post was started on (see title link), it was their “scooter pic of […]

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Rally weekend for the TSS staff

4. October 2008

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(As at every good rally, there will be mischief making of one sort or another. Flickr/Crash66) Apologies for the slow posts. I’m sure I’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do, but not ’til after the yearly San Antonio 3rd Coast Rally festivities. If you’re gonna be there please “slap me some skin”. I’m riding down with […]

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