Yamaha flirting with 3-wheeled concepts

11. February 2016


One looks like a Future Zuma (and it’s awesome) and the other like a sidekick from a new Transformers movie. I don’t have a bunch of time to write about it today, but you can read what HiConsumption wrote right here.

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Possibly the best modern scooter theme EVER

8. November 2012


I wanted to call it the Vespa S R2D2-Stroke, but it’s a 4-stroke.  If you can think of something clever, leave it in the comments. Other than the fact that it’s freakin’ GLORIOUS, I don’t know much else about this custom themed Vespa S.  I’ve always been a fan of the Vespa S’ looks, but […]

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Anthony Bourdain extols the virtues of scooters

6. December 2011


Caught this on TV last night and I think Anthony nails it.

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Preview: 2012 Yamaha Zuma 50F

27. October 2011


Howwwwwdy folks!  Just wanted to share a little video we put together to show you what’s in store from Yamaha for 2012.  Mitch Bergsma and I spent 3 days in the San Francisco sun to run their new Zuma 50F through its paces.  Things went better than I anticipated!  If you’ve got 7 minutes to […]

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What does a Geek god ride?

9. February 2011


No, not GREEK god like Thor, but GEEK as in nerd or code monkey… except were talking about Aaron Hillegass here, he’s more like a CODE GORILLA!  I mean, go to Amazon.com and look up “Cocoa Programming”, and you know what shows up first?  Aaron’s book, Cocoa(R) Programming for Mac(R) OS X (3rd Edition) by Aaron […]

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The Piano Man rides a Vespa

8. February 2011


Billy Joel is no Innocent Man when it comes to getting caught rolling his scooter around town (Miami). Years ago I remember when he and Christy Brinkley’s Italjet Velociferos were up on the auction block, looks like he’s moved on to another love… Vespa. Credits to DailyMail UK for the scoop!

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