Japan’s Big Scooter scene is being replaced by…

27. October 2010


BEHOLD, the great Japanese Big Scooter – massive, futuristic and fantastically gaudy; Japan’s super custom scooter is slowly vanishing from the Tokyo landscape where it found it’s birthplace.  The two-wheeled offspring of the Dekotora (Decoration Truck) of the mid 70′s, and inspired by the 70′s Kamen Rider (and others), the Big or sometimes called Baka […]

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Introducing the "New" Mustang

28. January 2010


Our friends over at Motorcycle Classics have a great scoop for us by letting us know The California Scooter Company is bringing back the Mustang motorcycle in three different flavors – The Classic, The Babydoll and The Greaser. When you combine 12 inch wheels, a 150cc 4 stroke engine and a curb weight of less […]

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Everybody loves Vespa… eeeeverybody

30. December 2009

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As long as we’re talking about Vespa, I found this commercial that handles the well worn topic of “What if Hog rider meets Vespa” with a clean piece of videography. Doesn’t make it any fresher, but at least it’s pretty to look at. Enjoy! Found this after a long hiatus from… well, EVERYTHING. Check out […]

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Completely irresponsible, but totally friggin’ cool!

17. December 2009


(The title is a comment from vvtheduckvv on YouTube. I couldn’t have said it better myself… especially this far past my bedtime.) WARNING: Do not attempt to recreate what you see here. We will not be held responsible for any physical or emotional harm caused to any persons if you mount something like this on […]

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2010 Sachs MadAss 125 Reviewed

2. December 2009


Over the Thanksgiving holiday we wrapped up another long awaited review.  This is actually our first motorcycle review!  The MadAss has always been of those hard-to-classify designs.  It has elements of a trials bike, a BMX, a mountain bike, a moped, a scooter.  I was expecting this one to come in as an automatic.  It […]

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12. August 2009


Ok, ok, there’s no fight but there is a buncha cool folks from the New York Scooter Club hanging out with Mikey from Orange County Choppers. You know Mikey, right? The scooter riding blacksheep of the OCC family? Yes, this story may not be the freshest scoop (it’s about a year old) but I missed […]

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