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Everybody loves Vespa… eeeeverybody

30. December 2009

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As long as we’re talking about Vespa, I found this commercial that handles the well worn topic of “What if Hog rider meets Vespa” with a clean piece of videography. Doesn’t make it any fresher, but at least it’s pretty to look at. Enjoy! Found this after a long hiatus from… well, EVERYTHING. Check out […]

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4-Passenger Family Vespa

27. December 2009


(Stylish two-wheeled transportation for a family of four!  SOURCE:  Yes, we all know the economy isn’t what it used to be here in the good ol’ USA.  American families may find themselves resorting to transportation options normally reserved for countries where cars are not affordable… Like THIS, the Vespa GT4 400!  No, no, no […]

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Vespa show-off fail

21. December 2009


This is one of those common mistakes. Yer showin’ off, smokin’ a little rubber then *ERRRRT!* the bike goes flying off without you. I have to think he would have been better off making this mistake whist showing off for an unknown lady as opposed to all of his mates… with video cameras. Poor guy. […]

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Completely irresponsible, but totally friggin’ cool!

17. December 2009


(The title is a comment from vvtheduckvv on YouTube. I couldn’t have said it better myself… especially this far past my bedtime.) WARNING: Do not attempt to recreate what you see here. We will not be held responsible for any physical or emotional harm caused to any persons if you mount something like this on […]

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Well, what do I do with all these posties now?

4. December 2009


The Japan scooter fans know that Japanese mail is delivered on the backs of Honda MD 50′s also known as “the postie“. The image above is of 500 posties once destined for Southeast Asia and the Middle East, but now waiting in vein. Why? Well, the buyers were paying in US dollars, which was fine […]

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Vespa’s got 900 reasons to buy a new 150cc scooter

3. December 2009


(Just got a new press release on behalf of Vespa USA.  Let’s see what we’ve got here.  I’ve interjected a bit, but I think the message is still retained). Vespa USA’s new Hello Beautiful campaign outfits a brand-new Vespa LX 150, S 150 or LXV 150 with season-exclusive goodies that not only saves buyers $500 […]

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