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Skills, He Has Them

28. July 2009


And you thought you were talented?

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Smart Tossing?

26. July 2009


In Amsterdam there appears to have been a rash of vandalism incidents in which Smart cars are being pushed into nearby is reporting that several Smart and Canta cars have totally destroyed by late night troublemakers looking for a thrill. Let’s hope this boneheaded behavior doesn’t spread.

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City of Austin rolls out free parking for scooters!

21. July 2009


On July 17th., the City of of Austin passed a new scooter and motorcycle ordinance that has me VERY excited.  Austin City Connection had a little something to say about it and it goes like this: “Recent City Council action on the new parking ordinance included an incentive to reduce carbon emissions of motorists in […]

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Boston is about to get some parking problems

21. July 2009


(image courtesy of the badparking blog)The Boston Globe – Scooter law revving up worryBy – Peter DeMarcoOn July 31, a new state law will kick in that could require license plates for hundreds, if not thousands, of scooter owners whose bikes are smaller and sleeker than motorcycles, yet slightly faster than old-fashioned mopeds. Because of […]

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The 2010 SH150i gets the once-over

6. July 2009


Adam Waheed got his hands on the new Honda SH150i and presents his findings on Motorcycle-USA.It’s stirred up an impressive amount of feedback on their site.  Why dontcha give it a read and let us know what YOU think… Though I bet I already know some of the comments.  My guesses?What took so long?  Where’s […]

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Happy 4th of July from The Scooter Scoop!

3. July 2009


Here’s wishing you a safe, happy and scootin’ Independence Day!

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