Yamaha taking electrics REAL serious

1. October 2010


In an unexpected move for any of the Big4 (HYSK – Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki), Yamaha has placed a full page ad ,(apparently) for the E-2 electric scooter in today’s Tokyo newspaper.  I’m not exactly sure why we are seeing “E-2″ featured when I was expecting to see something called the EC-03 or Passol-L.  I […]

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Mini continues to tease – E Scooter

23. September 2010


The Paris Motor Show is scheduled to kick off in another week and a half and already, one of the big discussions, is about a new electric concept scooter from WHO of all people? Mini.  What you see above is a leaked shot of the throughly pimped out scoot with it’s green to gold color […]

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Review – The 2010 Ultra Motor A2B Metro

24. August 2010


Hey! Look at that! Another review for Motorcycle.com. I actually convinced them to let me review a BICYCLE! HAHA! Well, an electric bicycle… they actually created a new category for me. ;) Anyway, I posted the video above and you can read the write up on their site HERE>. STUPID CRAZY shout-outs go to my […]

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Piaggio takes some plays from the Japanese design book?

12. November 2009


First we had the Piaggio MP3, now they introduce the USB? I don’t know if this is just coincidence, but if Piaggio introduces the Piaggio Tweet next year then I’ll be highly suspicious that there’s a computer geek heading up the new product naming department over there. I’ve got a headache right now, so I’m […]

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DIY of the day – the eSnake electirc 3-wheeler

20. March 2008


(Watch the e-Snake, e-Slither around the e… *sign*, “e-” is dead… but the scooter is cool!) Hats off to Prof. Vittore Cossalter & Prof. Giuseppe Buja’s fine team of students who knocked out this prototype for a three-wheeled, tilting, electric. The goal was short distance, low consumption, low emission, in a small package that could […]

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