What does a Geek god ride?

9. February 2011


No, not GREEK god like Thor, but GEEK as in nerd or code monkey… except were talking about Aaron Hillegass here, he’s more like a CODE GORILLA!  I mean, go to Amazon.com and look up “Cocoa Programming”, and you know what shows up first?  Aaron’s book, Cocoa(R) Programming for Mac(R) OS X (3rd Edition) by Aaron […]

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The Piano Man rides a Vespa

8. February 2011


Billy Joel is no Innocent Man when it comes to getting caught rolling his scooter around town (Miami). Years ago I remember when he and Christy Brinkley’s Italjet Velociferos were up on the auction block, looks like he’s moved on to another love… Vespa. Credits to DailyMail UK for the scoop!

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Japan’s Big Scooter scene is being replaced by…

27. October 2010


BEHOLD, the great Japanese Big Scooter – massive, futuristic and fantastically gaudy; Japan’s super custom scooter is slowly vanishing from the Tokyo landscape where it found it’s birthplace.  The two-wheeled offspring of the Dekotora (Decoration Truck) of the mid 70′s, and inspired by the 70′s Kamen Rider (and others), the Big or sometimes called Baka […]

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Yamaha taking electrics REAL serious

1. October 2010


In an unexpected move for any of the Big4 (HYSK – Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki), Yamaha has placed a full page ad ,(apparently) for the E-2 electric scooter in today’s Tokyo newspaper.  I’m not exactly sure why we are seeing “E-2″ featured when I was expecting to see something called the EC-03 or Passol-L.  I […]

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Mini continues to tease – E Scooter

23. September 2010


The Paris Motor Show is scheduled to kick off in another week and a half and already, one of the big discussions, is about a new electric concept scooter from WHO of all people? Mini.  What you see above is a leaked shot of the throughly pimped out scoot with it’s green to gold color […]

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Honda slips a new scooter under the radar – 2011 PCX

19. May 2010


Honda slips a new scooter under the radar – 2011 PCX

Friend of the site, Joseph A., splashed us in the face with some cold water this morning to tell us about a new addition to the Honda America Website, the 2011 Honda PCX 125!  (who’s not wishing it was a 200?)  This scoot was introduced in Thailand back in November and should actually hit US […]

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