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Off Topic: Movie rentals for the new economy ($free)

26. April 2009


(Even Batman has made some cutbacks)In the spirit of the Tata Nano (I had to tie this in some way), I’ve been looking for ways to save money.  I recently disconnected my cable television service… first time in decades.  It’s a strange feeling at first… not having access to hundreds of useless channels.  Unemployment is […]

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Cubs to begin arriving in three weeks

15. April 2009


(You can stop staring at your scrapbook because the cubs will be landing soon. Image source) Many of you have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the first new cub type scooters in the USA since Honda discontinued the Passport back in 1983 (actually, there have been others but nothing worth mentioning). Well my friends, […]

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"State of the Scoop" address

9. April 2009


(Is TSS lying dead under a sheet or about to be unveiled? Find out now!) “So, what happened Steve? Did you give up?”“Hey man! Where ya been? I called missing persons on ya!”“I can’t start my day without my coffee and morning scoop!” I hear ya folks… Just wanted to give a little update. First […]

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North Carolina call to action!

6. April 2009


This comes from Josh Alleman (of Scooter Vita) a vocal scooter activist from North Carolina who is concerned about a new law about to go into effect that would now require insurance and registration for scooters, including those that would normally be classified as mopeds.  Here in Texas it doesn’t matter, you’ve gotta have a […]

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Austin Rally in <30 Days!

6. April 2009


Love Austin?  Love scooters?  How about BBQ?  Mini Golf?  Drinks?  Rides, more BBQ, Mexican, more rides, drinks, gymkhana and raffles?Then you WON’T wanna miss the first Riff Raff SC sponsored rally being held in Austin, Texas > May 1st – 3rd. This is an all inclusive rally.  If you like to ride and hang with […]

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Print ads done RIGHT. Bravo Vespa Australia!

2. April 2009


TheCoolHunter, in the UK, stumbled across this print ad for Vespa Australia last year and I think it really get’s the job done.  There’s no half nikked chicks on scooters.  There’s no poorly placed photoshopping of the scooter on a beach somewhere.  There’s no shot of the scooter surrounded by a bunch of nonsensical tech […]

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