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Council considers parking for motorcycles and scooters in Austin

29. August 2008


(Austin scooterists ready to buy a pint for Mike Martinez and Randi Shade)This from News Radio 590 KLBJ Scooters and motorcycles will have their own parking spaces in downtown Austin if two City Council members get their way. On Thursday, the Austin City Council is set to hear an ordinance calling for a study on […]

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I dreamed the the Honda Cub starred in its own movie.

28. August 2008


AND IT CAME TRUE! That’s right Jolly Rogers pictures in Japan has finally given the good old Honda Super Cub a staring role in her own movie called, what else? “SUPER CUB!”. Sure she’s had plenty of guest appearances and co-starring roles (HERE), but her time has finally come. Thanks to Tim for scoopin’ us […]

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Look at Arkansas! Working for better 2-wheeled parking.

27. August 2008


(AR just wants some love for 2-wheelers like they show in San Diego. Source Urban Review STL)Wow! “Big-ups” to the Fayetteville Revolution Scooter Club! I saw in the news that they’re seeking out signatures on their online petition to create more designated parking for 2-wheelers! “More parking for scooters and motorcycles encourages more scooter transportation, […]

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No WONDER more people ride scooters in Taiwan

22. August 2008


Because their promotions really grab the consumer. No, I don’t think you understand. Watch the video. Cheers to counterspade in Taiwan for sharing!

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Stunt Ape featured in Oktapodi

18. August 2008

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Here a Vespa Ape (Ah-peh) is featured in this charming and funny video called “Oktapodi” from French artist Julien Bocabeille (who just landed himself a job at Dreamworks SKG). You can see more of Bok’s work on his blog (title link). If you are a fan of good animation, you should check out this cool […]

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Review: 2008 Yamaha Morphous

14. August 2008


Review – 2008 Yamaha Morphous from thescooterscoop on Vimeo.Here’s the latest companion video to the review. I’d like to know what you think about the Morphous. Love it? Hate it? Totally confused by it? (Here I am showing ‘em the goods out in front of the Rock Store)

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