Review – The 2010 Ultra Motor A2B Metro

24. August 2010


Hey! Look at that! Another review for I actually convinced them to let me review a BICYCLE! HAHA! Well, an electric bicycle… they actually created a new category for me. ;) Anyway, I posted the video above and you can read the write up on their site HERE>. STUPID CRAZY shout-outs go to my […]

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Fuelcell cargo scooter concept

27. January 2010

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(click to enlarge) Designer Chengli Hung’s cargo bike concept is a two-wheeled attempt at “all things to all people”. It’s a cargo hauling scooter that can transform into a sort of sport bike by simply swapping or adding components. The bike is describe by the designer as: …a small scooter but have a large integrated […]

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Following Japanese Kustoms

27. January 2010


Images of Austin, Texas come to mind when I think about the words “Hot Rods” and “Customs”. The 9th Annual “Lonestar Rod and Kustom Round Up” is a huge convergence of classic Americana parading up and down Congress Street… The only rules? No imports and nothing newer than 1963. I can’t say those rules apply […]

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Need an excuse to go to Germany in August?

21. January 2010


How about Scooter Weeked 2010? It’s probably the largest event of its kind and if you’ve got 10 minutes to watch the video above, you might start pricing plane tickets. Looks like a total blast, though I would also schedule an appointment with your doctor for when you you return. See if he/she has any […]

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2010 Sachs MadAss 125 Reviewed

2. December 2009


Over the Thanksgiving holiday we wrapped up another long awaited review.  This is actually our first motorcycle review!  The MadAss has always been of those hard-to-classify designs.  It has elements of a trials bike, a BMX, a mountain bike, a moped, a scooter.  I was expecting this one to come in as an automatic.  It […]

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The 2010 SH150i gets the once-over

6. July 2009


Adam Waheed got his hands on the new Honda SH150i and presents his findings on Motorcycle-USA.It’s stirred up an impressive amount of feedback on their site.  Why dontcha give it a read and let us know what YOU think… Though I bet I already know some of the comments.  My guesses?What took so long?  Where’s […]

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