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A little bit-o moped luvin’ – The Sachs Bikes MadAss

29. July 2005


Now… I know I don’t show a lot of luv for the Moped. It’s not that I hate them… I just don’t know that much about ‘em… So when my super mechanic friend Dan suggested I check out the MadAss I thought something had been lost in translation… The… Mad… ASS? Right? Sounds like something […]

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28. July 2005

0 Comments – Lifestyle – The Wheels of Romance: “BABY you can drive my … Vespa? In 1953 this line could have worked for the dashing Gregory Peck who wooed a young Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. The movie embodied the carefree spirit and romance surrounding the sexy Italian scooter that has since become a symbol […]

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28. July 2005

0 Comments Autos/Cars – New/Used Car Classifieds and Review: “It seems scooters are everywhere these days. The three-person team of Daniel Probert with Mark and Kevin Riley runs Vespa Vancouver and they happily offered up some clues to the apparent surge in popularity. ‘With gas prices, parking difficulties, and city congestion on the rise, riding a […]

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Shop around before you gas up!

27. July 2005


(Kick those expensive gas stations to the curb and impress your friends!) [Note: I just ripped this posting off of another GREAT blog… sorry for the lazyness.] I’m back! Had a great time in Cali. Weather was supergood, just wish I had a week there… but I was missing the fam. I’ll bring them with […]

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Outta state for a whole week!

22. July 2005

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I’m sure you’ll find some scooter news to keep your gears turning ’till I get back. Now get out there and ride my friend! RIDE LIKE THE WIND!

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Resident thinks mopeds, scooters are too loud – Chincoteague Beacon

21. July 2005


Resident thinks mopeds, scooters are too loud – Chincoteague Beacon – “Theatrics rarely found inside island Town Council gatherings were displayed during July’s only meeting by an Ocean Breeze resident concerned about the level of noise produced by mopeds and scooters. During a public participating session, Dolly Shell verbally demonstrated the density of noise […]

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