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Italjet giving it “that old college try”

28. September 2010


I assume everyone here knows who Italjet is?  Used to make a bunch of sweet, small displacement motorcycles, dirt bikes, terrible ATVs and some legendary scooters (Example one, two, three).  Well, one of their most famous scooters was the Italjet Velocifero (seen here:) The cute, though slightly odd, little retro two-stroke 49cc scooter (5 HP) […]

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Suzuki says e-Let’s go ELECTRIC!

27. September 2010


(Suzuki skimpin’ on the image size like they are skimpin’ on the power. SOURCE) There’s not a whole lot of “ground breaking” going on with this two wheeled, electric, granny grocery getter BUT does reinforce the trend towards electric that we are seeing. We’ve got Honda, Yamaha, and a hand full of independents not to […]

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Mini continues to tease – E Scooter

23. September 2010


The Paris Motor Show is scheduled to kick off in another week and a half and already, one of the big discussions, is about a new electric concept scooter from WHO of all people? Mini.  What you see above is a leaked shot of the throughly pimped out scoot with it’s green to gold color […]

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Moped Superman does 85 on the freeway

15. September 2010


EMBED-Crazy 85 MPH Moped Stunt – Watch more free videos You wanna know what 85 miles per hour looks like on a moped? Crazy. But if you don’t believe me, watch the vid!

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Gas should be 50 cents a gallon now!

1. September 2010


Robert Pretcher predicted a deflated oil market back in 2009 which was covered by Business Insider (via Bloomberg).  In the story, Pretcher says: Oil should fall to between $4 and $10 a barrel based on a technical analysis called Elliott Wave principle, Prechter said in the Elliott Wave Theorist report last month. The forecast rests […]

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