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Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow!!

27. August 2009


Scooter Showoff Owned by Pole – Watch more Funny VideosI can’t figure out how he didn’t see the huge pole, unless he just wasn’t watching where he was going which is rule number two on scooters. Rule number one is wear your helmet you dummy.

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Scooters now have a cash for clunkers program

25. August 2009


(Dr. Wilhelm Junkers gives us the scoop on an incentive program NOT sponsored by “the man”.)***UPDATE*** Changed video to a link instead due to P.I.T.A. auto-play / auto-buffer mess. ***UPDATE*** Eric fixed the auto-play, so we are back to embedded! Courtesy of the Genuine Scooter Company comes a program that could help some people get […]

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3nd Annual Smoke Out Mini Bike Championships

20. August 2009


I love the idea of whacky mini bike races and apparently others do as well. We have brought you the San Fernando Valley Illegal Soap Box Federation’s Mini Moto and now we have a scoop on the Smoke Out Mini Bike Championships! The mini bike event is part of the larger Smoke Out West motorcycle […]

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Clymer Manuals Channel on YouTube

18. August 2009


I am a big fan of the Clymer service manuals and I have one for just about every bike I own. I was pleased to learn of their YouTube channel this morning where they have all sorts of groovy scooter and motorcycle videos posted. Go by and check them out and if you like what […]

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Yogi the Scooter Looter

12. August 2009


I just finished watching this at the gym. Looked like a good one.

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12. August 2009


Ok, ok, there’s no fight but there is a buncha cool folks from the New York Scooter Club hanging out with Mikey from Orange County Choppers. You know Mikey, right? The scooter riding blacksheep of the OCC family? Yes, this story may not be the freshest scoop (it’s about a year old) but I missed […]

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