Is BMW really going to re-enter the scooter market?

Sat, Dec 31, 2005


(A design image of what might be the BMW S 850 RT)

I don’t have a LOT of details on this. I found it at (always a great resource). According to Oberdan Bezzi, the designer, it’s a twin cylinder 850cc BMW Scooter. Looks pretty sharp to me. I definitely would NOT kick it out of my garage… but you know… I still miss the C1, especially after viewing these car/scooter impact videos. The C1 was a brilliant design for safety! Can we give it one more try BMW?

3 Responses to “Is BMW really going to re-enter the scooter market?”

  1. Dudel Says:

    It kinda looks like the rear seat flips down [ala Honda Griffon concept]. The rumor was that BMW is designing a 850cc Luxury Touring Scooter… I imagined they would build something with lots of storage like the previous model Scarabeo 500 which came with an integrated top box and optional hard side cases.


  2. Frank Says:

    Thats one beautiful scooter


  3. Steve Guzman Says:

    yeah! I actually like that Scarabeo 500 personally.

    This BMW is real sharp looking. I’ll keep you informed of any updates here.


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