Honda will introduce a Silverwing 750 at the Tokyo Auto Show

Thu, Sep 20, 2007


(NO! No Forza Z ABS 250 for you! Oh, and no pictures of the SW750 yet either.)

According to a press release just caught by Dudel (our intrepid scooper) Honda will be featuring the following scooters at the 40th Annual Tokyo Motor Show (Oct 27th – Nov 11th):

TODAY 50cc
LEAD 100cc
BOOYA! 750 displaced cubes are expected from the latest Silverwing. Do you believe that?
Unfortunately we may not see any of these in the USA, except possibly the Silverwing. Definitely no Forza, Lead or Today.

Click on the title link to catch the rest of the show overview press release. I have a feeling they are still hiding something… or maybe that’s more of a wish than a feeling.

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7 Responses to “Honda will introduce a Silverwing 750 at the Tokyo Auto Show”

  1. doggie daddy Says:

    Be still my touring scoot luvin’ heart. It’s not that I crave more than my 90MPH dashes to work, but the extra buck-and-a-half might let my sweetie share the experience.
    For an old guy like me it’s the difference between a ’65 and ’68 Ranchero.


  2. ScooterScoop Says:

    Hey D.Daddy! I feel relatively confident that we’ll see this baby in the USA… but, don’t hold your breath just yet. We’ll keep ya posted for sure.


  3. Dudel Says:

    It will be an interesting bike if it has two features: [1] designed for serious touring [2] the HFT hydraulic-mechanical transmission.

    Perhaps, it is just a Swing-600 bored-out to 750 – maybe with the E4-01 Concept bodywork. I can’t image that the body will be much different the SWing 400 & 600 otherwise why saddle it with the SWing model name?


  4. dudel Says:

    PHOTO: Silver Wing 750 with airbag at


  5. Blue Mark Says:

    That airbag kinda scares me. Is it designed to help launch you off the bike in a crash?


  6. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve just looked at the link to World Honda and I can’t see any mention of a 750 Silverwing.


  7. doggie daddy Says:

    Uh Oh, We all saw the same page and when you posted it, Steve, it DID say 750 and now it says 400. A typo on Honda’s part? Sniff….


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