DIY of the day – the eSnake electirc 3-wheeler

Thu, Mar 20, 2008


(Watch the e-Snake, e-Slither around the e… *sign*, “e-” is dead… but the scooter is cool!)

Hats off to Prof. Vittore Cossalter & Prof. Giuseppe Buja’s fine team of students who knocked out this prototype for a three-wheeled, tilting, electric.

The goal was short distance, low consumption, low emission, in a small package that could be used to travel the inner cities.

The e-Snake is powered by dual electric motors mounted in the hubs of the rear wheels. Looks like it was a success because, from what I can read, they took home the award for acceleration and speed at the Formula Electric and Hybird Italy 2007 student competition.

Though the thing appears to be made of bent aluminum pipe it still weighs in at 357 lbs. With that heft, this electric scoot is capable of reaching 31 mph and covering a distance of 62 miles on a charge (from what I can understand).

For more info you can click on the title link which will take you to the CyberScooter post where I found this OR you can just zip directly to the University of Padova’s student website HERE.

(Here’s a video presentation in English)

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    Does it have regen?


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