Yamaha Taiwan confuses and bewilders with new Vino

Mon, Mar 31, 2008


It starts off innocent enough with the stamp “Chihuahua THE DOG, Kids Artist Collection.”
This is a Yamaha of Taiwan Vino that has gotten its styling cues from a tiny Mexican dog. We don’t have them here in the US, but in Taiwan they think this things are cute.

I thought so too until I read the Google Translation.
The most disturbing part of the translation is:
“Kyrgyzstan Beibi Papazou love with your mouth.”

I don’t know exactly what that means but Kyrgyzstan is right there beside China, just south of Kazakhstan… Beibi can be anther way to say “baby” in the “attractive woman” sense. “Papazou” is similar to “Popozau”, as made popular by the amazing rapper K-Fed (*bwarf*), means “big ass” from what I understand… and, “love with your mouth” pretty much means… Love with your mouth. The innocence of a tiny-puppy scooter is lost on some big assed, attractive Kazakhstani mouth luvin’.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hmmm… Sort of. `The Dog` is a character from Alien Catcher and other kawaii stuff in Japan. Curious use of hiragana with the Taiwan kanji too.


  2. Anonymous Says:

    My chihuahua LOVES to ride scoots… I don’t need a silly sticker, I just bring a real one.


  3. Tim Says:

    You’re really creeping me out here.


  4. scgt Says:

    None of you have the background, training, or the right degree to decipher this ad?! Leave it to me. Luck would have it that I’m Taiwan-born, UT-educated, Asian Studies major with one year exchange in Japan and three years making sushi in Calif.

    First of all, Japan occupied Taiwan (1895~1945), so there’s a lot of cultural intermingling, or infiltration–whatever you wanna call it. By now everyone knows that KYMCO used to make Honda motorcycles and SYM was pumping out Honda Civic’s. Right? OK.

    The hiragana in the background is a great example of the Sino-Japanese hybrid culture that’s uniquely Taiwan. Also, you’ve got to excuse the Chinglish. They just don’t respect English the way you do here.

    Now, the captions in the Vino ad:

    Single pic in the middle: It says,”Innovative 3 valves per cylinder water-cooled engine.”–Sounds nice!

    Four pics in the middle:(Left to right)

    First: “Single teardrop-shaped speedo and fuel gauge.”

    Second: “Bright, individual headlight.”

    Third: “High-quality, transparent directional indicators.”

    Fourth: “Innovative G-lock triple theft-deterring lock.”

    Footnote reads: “Chihuahua version is a limited release. If you want ko-ai (Taiwanese for “kawaii”–Japanese for “cute”) you must hurry!

    Steve, those pics of the Vino from Taiwan are just too cute!

    Call me next time if you want free translation in Chinese or Japanese. Google Translate is for idiots! (Oops, sorry!)

    See y’all @ Sandblast Rally II !



  5. ScooterScoop Says:

    Well! There you have it! Thanks for polishing off the topic Lorenzo. So, what’s up with that whole “mouth lovin’” part? Just poor Google Translation? Google Translation isn’t completely useless. Sometimes it makes for some funny reading. ;)

    Cheers bro!

    PS> Boo HOO! I can’t make SandBlast II. :( I’ll still be there in spirit and my fellow Hooligans will be in the house. HAVE FUN FOR ME!


  6. SpoonKiller Says:

    I liked your translation better Steve! :P


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