Only 3 days left before the raffle drawing!

Sat, Apr 26, 2008


(I hope Casey’s sister doesn’t mind I swiped this off her myspace page)

If you’d still like to show your support for Austin’s best custom scooter builder after his scary wreck AND have a chance at winning lots of cool scooter schwag, YOU CAN!

Anyone who donates $5+ will receive an official TheScooterScoop Jacket patch (while supplies last).

On top of that, for every donation of $20+ (a $40 donation get 2 tickets, a $100 donation gets 5 tickets) you will receive a virtual raffle ticket for the drawing to win a TheScooterScoop gift basket with lots of little goodies:

  • 2 stroke oil, scented fuel additive, Liquid Horsepower ($20 value) from Manhattan Oil
  • A TSS Shirt of YOUR choice, a TSS Bumper Sticker, 5 new TSS posts in your honor, a MONTH of banner space to display whatever you want (within reason) on ($crazy value)
  • A new-in-box Alliance SS Battlecry Helmet (Large/Blue) ($279 value) from ICON
  • A fabulous Scooter Seat Cover ($65 value) from Crystal at

Click here for more info on what happened. You can paypal a charitable contribution to or use the button below. Casey is grateful for your support and compassion.

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  1. Teme Says:

    Why I don’t mind at all! And thanks to everyone who has helped out! You all are so wonderful!


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